Project to Provide Comprehensive Support for Acceptance of Foreign Human Resources"Specified Skilled Worker" Manufacture of Food and Beverages Field and the Food Service Industry Field

Introduction of Acceptance ExamplesIntroduction of Acceptance Examples

Introducing companies that accept specified skilled foreign workers and the voices of specified skilled foreign workers who are active in these companies.

CASE10Manufacture of food and beveragesHirose Suisan Co., Ltd.

Acquiring world-class skills and knowledge with ambition

Corporate Information
  • Business activities: Manufacture, sale and export of processed marine products, frozen and refrigerated operations
  • Number of employees: 59
  • Number of specified skill workers: 14 (China)

Purpose for Accepting Foreign Human Resources

The area around Mombetsu City, where our company is located, has a thriving seafood processing industry, but due to the shortage of labor caused by the declining population and other factors, it is difficult to secure employees, and we are forced to rely on foreign human resources. We have been accepting technical intern trainees for some time now, and we are promoting the hiring of specified skilled foreign workers for immediate employment. Most of the specified skilled foreign workers who are currently working for us are former trainees or those who have experienced technical training at other marine products processing companies in the Okhotsk region.

Working and living conditions of foreign human resources

The foreign workers are mainly responsible for the production of frozen surimi, scallops and salmon fillets. Specified skilled foreign workers are engaged in the operation of automatic filling and packaging machines and X-ray inspection machines, as well as specialized surimi-making operations. They are all extremely diligent workers and are a valuable asset to the company.

Surimi is manufactured in their native China, as well as in the United States, Thailand and other countries around the world. We always tell them that the skills they acquire here can be used around the world and that we want to entrust them with specialized work, and we feel that they try to acquire the right knowledge and skills without dwelling on what they don't know. They also learn about HACCP through Chinese language materials and acquire knowledge to make better products.

Mombetsu City is in the process of making efforts to support the daily lives of foreign residents, with the city's International Exchange Promotion Office establishing a one-stop window for foreign residents. There used to be a variety of events and many opportunities to interact with the local community, but most have now been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even within the company, we have refrained from holding New Year's parties and get-togethers, making it difficult to socialize.

Follow-up system

The factory manager of the Mombetsu Plant, who has extensive experience in accepting technical intern trainees, the family of the Mombetsu Plant manager, who is also a member of the city's Internationalization Promotion Committee, the Japanese office of the sending organization, and former technical intern employees who are married to Japanese nationals, pay attention to the work and daily lives of the foreign workers, and strive to improve their treatment, prevent problems and provide mental and physical care.

Currently, foreign workers live in five different dormitories. In the past, the rules differed from dormitory to dormitory, which sometimes led to dissatisfaction, but now the rules have been unified in response to the voices of the foreign workers. In order to make people want to work here for a long time, we are planning to consolidate the dormitories into one location and to provide single rooms for privacy. We also hope that the region as a whole will create a living environment in which foreign workers can work for a long time, and that Mombetsu City will become "a city chosen by foreign human resources".

Interview with a specified skilled worker

I chose a company whose operations and treatment suited me.

Dian Guangyi

When becoming a specified skilled worker, I chose Hirose Suisan because of the job description and the living environment, and because I had heard that the president has a friendly personality. I would like to work here as long as possible and would be happy to return to an environment where I can spend time with my family when they visit Japan for short periods of time.

I review and remember the words I need for work every day.

Liy Yong

Language is the most important part of the job. Since I have only been with Hirose Suisan for a short time, I am struggling a bit with technical words related to the business, but I write down the words I don't understand in a notebook and review them thoroughly before going to bed to remember them.

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