Project to Provide Comprehensive Support for Acceptance of Foreign Human Resources"Specified Skilled Worker" Manufacture of Food and Beverages Field and the Food Service Industry Field

Introduction of Acceptance ExamplesIntroduction of Acceptance Examples

Introducing companies that accept specified skilled foreign workers and the voices of specified skilled foreign workers who are active in these companies.

CASE09Manufacture of food and beverages FieldNippn Corporation

Hiring of long-term employees to work together in conjunction with the start of operations at the new plant

Corporate Information
  • Business activities: Manufacture of frozen foods
  • Number of employees: 415 (as of the end of November 2021)
  • Number of specified skill workers: 101 (Vietnam)

Purpose for Accepting Foreign Human Resources

We have been accepting technical intern trainees from about four years ago. In 2020, when the No. 2 Frozen Food Plant was expanded, we hired more than 100 long-term specified skilled foreigners. There are many residents who are persons of Japanese descent in Isesaki City and the surrounding areas, and at the Isesaki Plant, we have a history of hiring many people with foreign roots since it began operations in 1999. Therefore, the factory already had the foundation set in place to work with foreign human resources, creating an environment that was conducive to accepting them. The food industry, especially in the frozen food sector, continues to face a labor shortage. If more workers are needed in the future, the help of foreign human resources will become indispensable. We hope to continue to rely on the support of specified skilled foreigners for a long time to come.

Working and living conditions of foreign human resources

Specified skilled foreign workers are responsible for a wide range of production-related tasks, such as measuring seasonings, cooking and placing food in containers. The work attitude is to just hard work. In the future, we are considering assigning them tasks such as machine operators.

Many of the specified skilled foreign workers have experience in technical training and are accustomed to working for Japanese companies, so we feel that they understand work instructions fairly quickly. Many of them are highly motivated to step up with goals, saying, "I want to be able to do this next time," and many of them also have concrete plans for the future. When we see the expressions on their faces as they talk about their goals and how they are striving to become an asset to the company as soon as possible, it makes us want to support them as much as we can. Although most of the specified skilled foreigners are Vietnamese, it may be an advantage to feel comfortable working with many colleagues from the same country. When speaking in difficult Japanese, those who are good at Japanese support those who are not so good, and we can see that they are often helping each other out.

Follow-up system

When joining the company, the workers receive health and safety training in small groups. We request an interpreter from a registered support organization to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of our internal rules and operations. Even after starting work, we have a system in place that allows the workers to consult with us at any time, even on day-to-day problems, through the use of SNS message functions and other means. On the other hand, securing housing was a bit of a challenge. We have rented apartments and other facilities to serve as dormitories, but due to the large number of workers, we are unable to secure space near the factory, so we operate a microbus to support commuters. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we used to hold company trips, Christmas parties, barbecue contests, etc. to deepen exchanges, but it’s unfortunate that it is almost impossible to hold any sort of company events now.

Interview with a specified skilled worker

Watch, listen, and try. Assertiveness is key.

Nguyen Thi Lan Phuong

I have experienced technical training for three years and have been working as a specified skilled worker since 2021. I have loved cooking since I was in Vietnam, so I think my current job producing frozen pasta and other products is a good fit for me. The key to learning a job is to watch and listen to your seniors and actually try it yourself. It is important to ask questions immediately about things you do not understand and to be proactive in learning the job. I also studied hard in Japanese and took the N1 Japanese Language Proficiency Test. In the future, my dream is to become a cook in Vietnam or work as a Japanese interpreter.

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