Project to Provide Comprehensive Support for Acceptance of Foreign Human Resources"Specified Skilled Worker" Manufacture of Food and Beverages Field and the Food Service Industry Field

Introduction of Acceptance ExamplesIntroduction of Acceptance Examples

Here, there are introductions of companies that accept foreign human resources with specified skills as well as the voices of these human resources who work in the companies.

CASE05 Food Service Industry FieldZensho Holdings Co., Ltd. Sukiya Co., Ltd.

Improve your skills through fulfilling training. "I'll be store manager in a few years."

Corporate Information
  • Business activities: Management of foodservice chains, development of sales systems and food processing systems
  • Number of employees: 14,402 (full-time employees as of March 31, 2020)
  • Number of specified skill workers: Approximately 30 (for Sukiya Co., Ltd., Breakdown: from Vietnam, China, etc.)

Purpose for Accepting Foreign Human Resources

With the decrease in Japan's working population and the increase in international students, we have been accepting more foreign staff, especially part-time student workers, over the past several years. Government guidelines state that these staff should be treated not just as labor but as residents who co-exist with Japanese people. We, therefore, established a registered support organization within our group in conjunction with a specified skills system. The organization provides comprehensive support from recruitment through to entry, career development training, and lifestyle.

Currently, we are mainly hiring international students for our specified skills quota, and many of the applicants have worked part-time at Sukiya. We are happy to see that many part-time international students who were planning to change their visa status to a Technical/Humanities/International Work visa or go on to higher education have chosen to join Sukiya as specified skill workers.

Working and Living Conditions for Foreign Personnel

As store staff, foreign employees serve customers, cook, and manage cleanliness. Their duties are no different from those of Japanese employees. The support organization helps match workers with stores, ensuring individual wishes are respected.

We would like specified skill workers to become store managers between their third and fourth years after they have mastered store operations and improved their Japanese communication skills. After the specified skill period ends, we will consider making these staff area managers or assigning them to the head office, depending on their motivation and ability. Work instructions change every day at stores, but the support organization has received lots of positive feedback from employees who want more training. I feel that our specified skill workers have a strong desire to improve themselves.

Support Systems

Training for specified skill employees is planned and implemented based on two pillars: work skills and staff development and personal growth. In the first year, we provide training on corporate philosophy and other topics in easy Japanese, fostering an awareness of working as an employee for our company. For Japanese language proficiency, we have set our employees the common goal of acquiring level N1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in three to four years. We provide educational apps to support their studies.

We also emphasize training for the managers of the host stores to minimize friction between staff. The Japanese concept of reading the atmosphere is difficult for foreign employees to understand and can cause stress for both groups. During the training, role-playing is conducted from the position of a foreign staff member, providing an opportunity to learn how to speak and respond in an easy-to-understand manner.

Comments from specified skill workers

I want to acquire leadership and management skills.


I started working at Sukiya after graduating from a language school in Japan. It always makes me happy when customers smile and say "Gochisosama" (thanks for the great meal) to me. I hope to acquire leadership and management skills through the training and contribute to Sukiya's management in Vietnam in the future.

I feel a heavier sense of responsibility than as a part-time worker.


I had a part-time job at Sukiya when I was a student, but I now have much more responsibility. Rather than just following instructions, I try to pay attention to the staff's movements around me as I work. I want to continue working in Japan even after I finish my specified skill visa.

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