Project to Provide Comprehensive Support for Acceptance of Foreign Human Resources"Specified Skilled Worker" Manufacture of Food and Beverages Field and the Food Service Industry Field

Introduction of Acceptance ExamplesIntroduction of Acceptance Examples

Here, there are introductions of companies that accept foreign human resources with specified skills as well as the voices of these human resources who work in the companies.

CASE04 Manufacture of Food and Beverages FieldYaizu Foods Co., Ltd.

Gratefulness for the Quality and Quantity of Work

Corporate Information
  • Business activities: Processing and sales of frozen and chilled tuna products
  • Number of employees: 39
  • Number of specified skill workers: Four (breakdown: three from Myanmar and one from Vietnam)

Purpose for Accepting Foreign Human Resources

We began accepting foreign staff, including four with specified skill visas, for the first time in 2020. This change was in response to a shortage of labor throughout the fishery processing industry and work style reforms.

Three of our specified skill workers have completed their technical training in Yaizu. Registered support organizations for fishery-related unions are working to help trainees in Yaizu who have completed their technical training to settle in the region. Three of the specified skill workers we accepted were introduced to us by the support organization. During the technical internship period, they assessed personalities and abilities, then introduced us to reliable personnel. This process meant we could accept the trainees with peace of mind, and we are still receiving a variety of support.

Working and Living Conditions for Foreign Personnel

Our specified skills workers are in charge of the entire manufacturing process. Although it was the first time they’d handled fresh fish, they, fortunately, had experience working in Japan and had a certain level of Japanese listening ability, so they were able to work effectively after a short training period.

We ship our tuna sashimi ready for display at retail stores. So we initially thought we’d have difficulties getting the required level of quality without the workers having a cultural understanding of sashimi. However, they listened and worked diligently. Some of them have advanced their knowledge to the level where they can arrange the sashimi pieces for sale. We’re so glad to have been mistaken about cultural differences being an obstacle. Our specified skills staff are contributing both in terms of quality and quantity of work.

Their personalities have also allowed them to quickly become valuable assets. They cheerfully greet me when I arrive and leave work, and when I ask them to do a task, they reply with a smile and quickly agree. These traits allowed for good communication, and they were able to integrate smoothly into the company.

Support Systems

We try not to get too involved in their personal lives, but we attempt to communicate at work by going out to lunch or eating takeaway lunches together. I also talk to them proactively so they can improve their conversation skills.

Our top priority is to have them improve their techniques and language skills, but we are also considering assigning them to positions such as manager or process chiefs eventually. I know they will do their best.

Interviews with Specified Skill Workers

I want to learn new skills and use them in my home country.


I had three years of experience producing katsuobushi (dried fish), but I wanted to learn more new skills, so I chose to pursue a specified skill visa. It’s fun to experience new things. I find the Japanese kanji characters difficult to learn, but I want to get better. I always try to smile and greet people at work. Japanese people are always kind, and they explain things slowly and carefully to me at work. I appreciate it. I would like to gain more experience and learn skills that I can use back in Myanmar.

Introduction of Excellent Examples

Here, there are introductions of companies that accept foreign human resources with specified skills as well as the voices of these human resources who work in the companies.

Manufacture of Food and Beverages Field


Food Service Industry Field


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