Project to Provide Comprehensive Support for Acceptance of Foreign Human Resources"Specified Skilled Worker" Manufacture of Food and Beverages Field and the Food Service Industry Field

Introduction of Acceptance ExamplesIntroduction of Acceptance Examples

Here, there are introductions of companies that accept foreign human resources with specified skills as well as the voices of these human resources who work in the companies.

CASE03Manufacture of Food and Beverages FieldIshigeyorui Co., Ltd. / Marukaichi Suisan Co., Ltd.

Creating an environment where foreign human resources can play an active role

Corporate Information:
Ishigeyorui Co., Ltd.
  • Business activities: Sales of fresh fish and processed marine products, food catering
  • Number of employees: 43
  • Number of specified skill workers: Two (from China)

Purpose for Accepting Foreign Human Resources/Working Conditions

We began employing foreign workers due to believing we need sufficient staffing for our employees to do a good job and for our company to develop good human resources. Our two specified skill workers have six years of experience at our company, and we have entrusted them with making sashimi, which is unique to Japanese cuisine. In the past, these kitchen skills were learned through sight alone, but careful instruction is essential for foreign personnel due to language and cultural differences. Seeing them absorbing what we taught them and improving their skills changed our traditional attitudes and made us realize how vital training is. It also led us to rethink our training of Japanese employees. We feel that our employees' skills are now improving much faster.

The two specified skills workers have fully acquired our company's know-how, and we have tremendous confidence in them. They also helped train our two new Japanese employees this year. We treat them like family. We hope to have them work for us for longer than their specified skill worker visas.

Interviews with Specified Skill Workers[Ishigeyorui]

We also instruct Japanese employees.


I came to Japan because I wanted to study fishery processing techniques. Using knives is difficult for anyone at first. When I teach techniques to Japanese employees, I try to remember how I was taught and communicate the methods in the same way.

I want to keep growing.


I received great support from the company when I was a technical intern. I wanted to continue to grow at the company, so I chose to work here even as a specified skill worker. I introduce our products on social networks. It makes me happy when my friends come to buy them.

Corporate Information:
Marukaichi Suisan Co., Ltd.
  • Business activities: Marine product import, sales, wholesale, processing, and retailing
  • Number of employees: 200 (including part-time employees)
  • Number of specified skill workers: Five (from Vietnam)

[Marukaichi Suisan]
Living Conditions and Support Systems for Foreign Human Resources

Our five specified skill workers live in a rented house a few minute's walk from the factory where they work. Since we have about 50 male and female technical trainees, we built a new women's dormitory. The rented house is located far from supermarkets and other stores, and it is difficult to go shopping on foot in winter. So, on Sundays when the factory is closed, we take them shopping by bus if they ask.

These workers and the staff in charge of their affairs can contact each other at any time through social networks. This system allows for information on health conditions and other issues to be received promptly, allowing for a smooth response. When they called around 8:00 p.m. saying that they had lost their room key, we realized how good it was to be connected in this way.

About 500 foreign workers are living in Mombetsu City. A city-wide support system has been created for them, providing international exchange salons, Japanese language classes, sports events, social studies field trips, etc., which we as a company appreciate. Through working with the government, I want to communicate Mombetsu's highlights to foreign workers and create a comfortable living environment where they can continue to work for a long time.

Interviews with Specified Skill Workers[Marukaichi Suisan]

Experience means avoiding mistakes.


I worked as a technical intern for three years, gaining experience at a poultry processing plant before becoming a specified skill worker. Even in fishery processing, I am aware that I have experience as a worker in Japan, so I try to make even fewer mistakes than when I was an intern.

I want to get even better at my job and Japanese.


It's been about a year since I started working here. I've gotten used to the environment and the work, and I'm getting along and communicating well with the other foreign workers. I want to actively talk with Japanese employees to improve my work and language skills.

Introduction of Excellent Examples

Here, there are introductions of companies that accept foreign human resources with specified skills as well as the voices of these human resources who work in the companies.

Manufacture of Food and Beverages Field


Food Service Industry Field


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