Project to Provide Comprehensive Support for Acceptance of Foreign Human Resources"Specified Skilled Worker" Manufacture of Food and Beverages Field and the Food Service Industry Field

Introduction of Acceptance Examples

Here, there are introductions of companies that accept foreign human resources with specified skills as well as the voices of these human resources who work in the companies.

CASE02 Food and Beverage ManufacturingSuzuki Eikodo

Leveraging experience in hiring and promoting foreign talent

Corporate Information
  • Business activities: Manufacture, wholesale, import, and export of confectioneries, etc.
  • Number of employees: 210 (non-consolidated), 326 (consolidated), as of April 1, 2020
  • Number of specified skill workers: Three (from Vietnam)

Purpose for Accepting Foreign Human Resources

We began accepting technical interns and other trainees about nine years ago, along with hiring specified skill workers, to ensure a stable supply of personnel for our manufacturing sites. As well as hiring technical interns and specified skill workers, we also have foreign nationals working within our company who were hired as full-time employees of our overseas business divisions. In addition, we sometimes employ foreign nationals to staff our manufacturing sites through Hello Work (government-run employment offices). We feel that we can hire these individuals without being overly conscious of them being foreign nationals, and we have a close-knit working environment.

Our company has overseas offices in China and Vietnam. We have hired former technical interns who had returned to Vietnam at our in-country subsidiary in the past. Promoting employees after they have completed their specified skill visas is something we will continue to consider. We are hopeful that these former workers will play an active role at our overseas locations in the future.

Working and Living Conditions for Foreign Personnel

Staff at our Iga plant, which produces chocolates and other products, perform production line duties such as inspection and packaging. Japanese food products are amongst the highest quality in the world. We want our specified skill workers to acquire advanced sanitation and quality control knowledge, thereby maintaining this high level. In their private lives, our workers actively attend Japanese language classes and voluntarily take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, showing their high level of motivation to learn Japanese.

Support Systems

We create opportunities for our Japanese employees to learn about the differences in culture and local knowledge between Japan and other countries through e-learning and other methods. For locations with foreign personnel, we regularly hold hearings with the receiving organizations and work to understand any issues fully. It's nice to see these staff enjoying time with Japanese employees at company events such as cherry blossom viewing, dinner parties, and barbecues. We want our foreign personnel to feel happy they have come to Japan.

Interviews with Specified Skill Workers

I'm renewing my commitment to work

Dao Thi Phuong

From Vietnam

I came to Japan three years ago as a technical intern, hoping to learn how Japanese people work. After becoming a Level 1 Specified Skill Worker in July 2020, I feel I need to take my work more seriously than ever before.

Conversations at work help improve my Japanese

Goh Thi Nguyet

From Vietnam

The Japanese people at work are kind. I'm improving my work skills and Japanese language ability through talking with them. I have children and family in Vietnam. I speak to them on the phone every day, which always cheers me up.

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